Rechargeable technology to the rescue!

Hearing aid users have long been under the pressure of wondering when their disposable batteries will give out. At what moment will a pleasant conversation become a struggle to hear what’s being said? When will a movie suddenly become muffled? How does one catch up on information that isn’t being

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Hearing better helps avoid injury from falls.

You’ve probably heard—maybe way back when, in Science class—that the semi-circular canals deep inside your ear are involved with balance. Well, that seventh-grade text book was right. In addition to transmitting sound to the brain, the inner ear also processes information that helps maintain balance. And those semi-circular canals? They

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What’s that ringing in your ears?

Some 10% to 15% of people experience something called tinnitus—more commonly known as “ringing in the ears.” In addition to ringing, it can also take the form of hissing or buzzing. Whatever the sound, tinnitus is essentially a sound someone hears even though there is nothing around that is generating

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