Two Leaders from the Hearing Technology Industry Win Awards!

Phonak continually draws from over 70 years of experience to come up with cutting edge technology that still wins awards, today.

In 2020, gave Phonak several awards in its annual Hearing Technology Innovator Award program. Phonak’s Paradise and Roger technology received silver awards in the Hearing Aids and Personal Listening Devices categories. And the myPhonak App won a bronze in the Assistive Technology and Software category.

But the awards kept on coming! In 2021, Time Magazine gave Phonak a Special Mention in its prestigious “The Best Inventions of 2021” list for its Roger On technology.

Advanced Bionics received a Hearing Technology Innovator Award for its Sky CI M cochlear implants. But they didn’t just settle on setting the benchmark for cochlear implant sound processors for children, they also teamed up with Phonak to combine their processing technology with the Phonak Marvel platform. This partnership offers children the most natural sound experience, because the technology is designed for their specific listening requirements.

While these awards highlight the achievements of these talented innovators, and while they encourage Phonak and Advanced Bionics to continue pushing the envelope, the ultimate achievement award is not given during a ceremony or displayed on a website.

Rather, it’s expressed in the bright eyes of a deaf child who hears for the first time. It’s expressed by the laughter of an older fellow who discovers he has age-induced hearing loss, gets hearing aids, and can hear that old, silly family joke once again. It’s expressed in the pleasure of going to see a movie at the multiplex and being able to enjoy, with wonderous eyes and open ears, the entire experienced, dialogue and all. And it’s expressed in the sweet, whispered nothings that couples share from time to time and the pleasure of being able to hear them.

Those are the awards that make all this technology not only worthwhile, but also special.

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