We Hear You, Now Hear Us a documentary on hearing loss

Hearing loss is often invisible. When someone is hearing impaired, and they cannot understand what another person is saying simply because they can’t hear speech like most people can, they are often seen as being mentally deficient. Meanwhile, the brains of people with hearing loss are working overtime, to put

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Holiday Gifts for Those who are Hard of Hearing

Some people are hard to buy gifts for. They either have everything, or they like so many things that it’s difficult to choose one thing or another. Sometimes, the best thing to get them is what fits either their personalities or their unique situations in life. People with hearing loss

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The Risks of Hearing Loss in Women with Osteoporosis

For 34 years, researchers from Boston’s Brigham and Woman’s Hospital studied over 140 thousand women, to discover if there is any relationship between osteoporosis and hearing loss. After analysing the data, they found that, yes, the risk of hearing loss is 40% greater in women with osteoporosis or low bone

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