Two Leaders from the Hearing Technology Industry Win Awards!

Phonak continually draws from over 70 years of experience to come up with cutting edge technology that still wins awards, today. In 2020, gave Phonak several awards in its annual Hearing Technology Innovator Award program. Phonak’s Paradise and Roger technology received silver awards in the Hearing Aids and Personal

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Going to the movies made easy for those with hearing loss

Heading to the multiplex to buy a ticket to the latest blockbuster or perhaps to that unsung drama that’s too good to miss is starting to become popular, once again. In years past, many people with hearing loss were left out. While the theatre provided an immersive, all-inclusive setting with

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Tips and Steps on Ensuring Your Baby is Hearing Well

Hearing loss has been found to be the most common condition in newborn children, more common than any other condition for which newborns are screened. Approximately six out of every thousand children have serious or profound hearing loss. But many of those who have normal hearing at birth can develop

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